Fire Brigade Clothing

Cleaning and impregnation of fire brigade clothing – our complete service for larger and smaller brigades.

The service clothing of firefighters is an essential tool for them in saving lives, extinguishing fires, rescuing, and protection. In order that the essential qualitiy aspects of their protective clothing are maintained specialised cleaning is really essential. The process that we have developed over a number of years will ensure that these items will remain durable and have a long life. We will ensure that your clothing will be cleaned, impregnated and dried according to the EN469 standard. Our process is recommended by several leading manufacturers (LHD Group,prev. Lion Apparel, S-Gard and Rosenbauer).

We benefit here from the experience of Axel Meyer who has been a leading member of the local voluntary Fire Service for over 30 years. We therefore know and understand cleaning as well as firefighting, a combination which is seldom found!


  • Professional impregnation of fire brigade uniforms according to EN469 and HuPf, including validation from the detergent manufacturer.
  • Use of our in-house developed cleaning process, specialised machines and detergents individually tailored to the cloth type.
  • Use of our in-house developed cleaning process, specialised machines and detergents individually tailored to the cloth type.
  • Increased protection compared to your own or other commonly used cleaning proceedures.
  • Save your own labour costs and time.
  • Cost transparancy, we charge per item cleaned.
  • Item tracking and documentation (cleaning record, wearer, age of item, repair status) with the use of patches with bar codes.
  • Complete service from top to bottom (helmets to boots).
  • Delivery and return within 3-5 days using our shipping service.


We use a process to disinfect the items during cleaning according to Paragraph18 IFSG. This has been approved by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH). The experience we have gained over many years ensures that the cloth is treated as gently as possible. We should however inform you that this process can lead to a slight bleaching of the material.

A possible bleeding of the material and damage to the reflex stripes can generally be avoided but not be totally excluded, depending on the quality of the uniforms in question. Due to potential contamination by COVID-19, the application of this disinfection step is unavoidable

Our complete service for all brands

  • Einsatzhelme
  • Schutzbekleidung
  • Tagesdienstbekleidung
  • Einsatzstiefel
  • Hollandtuch
  • Nomex-Haube
  • Nomex-Handschuhe
  • Unterbekleidung
  • Service helmets
  • Protective clothing
  • Day to day service clothes
  • Boots
  • Dutch (Holland?) cloths
  • Nomex balaclavas
  • Nomex gloves
  • Underwear

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