Outdoor & Functional Clothing

The first full-service for the professional cleaning and PFC-free reproofing of outdoor and functional clothing

PFC-frei Imprägnierung von Outdoortextilien

Functional clothing that keeps its qualities…for longer!

Outdoor and functional clothing keeps the wearer protected from rain and wind and through breathability offers a high degree of comfort. It is the perfect clothing for all that spend longer periods outside in all weathers. However through wear, washing & cleaning the material slowly looses its waterproof and stainproof qualities and the pearling-off effect slowly disappears. In order to maintain the waterproof and breathability qualities or to restore them after hard use, a special treatment is necessary

Our unique cleaning and impregnation process guarantees maximum cleanliness, hygiene and will restore the proofed qualities of the material to its original level. This is done without using any of the environmentally damaging poly and perfluorinated compounds (PFC´s).
The quality of our service has been confirmed by our customers, our detergent suppliers and a leading independant European test institute.


  • Environmentally friendly through the use of resin emulsions
  • Free of PFC´s
  • More durabilty due to our careful process
  • A quick, comfortable and reliable service

Our complete service for all brands of:

  • Outdoor jackets: Membrane, Softshell, Hardshell
  • Outdoor trousers: Membrane, Softshell, Hardshell
  • Gloves
  • Sleeping bags
  • Ski clothing
  • Golf clothing
  • Sailing clothing

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